About Us


Established in 2003, MFI has first been designed as a directory to aid fund research. The company started answering the needs of clients on June 2004 with the full website operation not only acting as a directory but now catering fund requests aiming to alleviate workload of institutional clients.

With a mounting number of subscribers, the company is presently catering the needs of institutional and qualified investors from different financial centers around the world.

Composed of committed individuals, our team is determined to deliver the latest information at the soonest time possible.

Offering more variety of flexible services at reasonable cost, MFI continues to be a partner in sourcing out fund information.
Operations Head

Catherine Mercado-Polvorido

Phone : +63 34 495 36 77

Marketing Associates

Neenalou Guemo-Pedral

Phone : +63 34 495 36 77

Human Resource

Josielyn Torres

Phone : +63 34 495 36 77