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"We're working with Malipayon Fund Services for almost [2] years and would like to thank for providing such value added services to us. Information is consistently being provided on a comprehensive and timely basis. Further more all assistants are very helpful , flexible and friendly people in case of special requests or queries. Highly recommended for distributors as well as investors."

MFA Fund Data
Olten, Switzerland
Subscription : November 2006 to Present

"The system of excel files exchanges we put in place works well indeed. The price reliability has increased to a satisfactory level. In case of a doubt, our inquiries for double checking is quickly and seriously taken care of........ I thank you for your efforts and dedication."

Serge Poletti
Geneva, Switzerland
Subscription : May 2006 to Present

"Certainly we are very pleased with the service to date from Malipayon, turnaround is quick and your people are very helpful."

John Sheridan
Bank of Ireland Securities Service
Dublin, Ireland
Subscription : November 2006 to Present

"As I know the service is being well provided."

Laura Tostes
JGP Gestao de Recursos Ltda.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Subscription : August 2006 to September 2010